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Find answers to all of your concerns from Texas’ top astrologer.

Dev Spiritual Therapy has been the most well-known astrologer in Texas in recent years, has provided the best astrology service solutions in Texas for over a decade, and serving over 5000+ clients. Astrological readings, phone astrology, online astrology, palmistry analysis, spiritual healing, gemstone consulting, and Vedic and Tantrik rituals are among his astrology services in Texas. Clients of Dev Spiritual Therapy come from all walks of life, from company owners to white-collar workers.

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Our mission has been to help those who strives to live their ideal life and are finding an answer or solution to their problem. Our goal is to bring happiness on their faces with result oriented insights and solutions.

Everyone deserves a Peaceful life!

Our mission has been to make quality life coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life.

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