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Dev Spiritual Therapy was established with an aim to simplify the life of people in these busy days. You might be facing a series of question or problems in your life and to solve this we are sure you might be looking for an answer to resolve the problems happening in and around you. Whatever the problem or life situation you might be facing, Dev Spiritual Therapy is going to help you resolve the problems and will guide you to make your life happier.

With great care and righteousness, we at Dev Spiritual Therapy provide different services like Palm Reading, Psychic Reading, Numerology, Spiritual Readings and Therapy etc. which will help our client to get instant and result-oriented answers with powerful insights.

Want to know what future has in store for you?

Get a better control on your life with our mystic services that will change the viewpoint of your current circumstances. With years of experience, we offer a array of services ranging from palm reading, tarot card reading, spell-casting, astrology and others. Our team at Dev Spiritual Therapy is sure to assist you with all your life's problems in the most subtle manner.

More of our
Life Changing Services

Simplify your personal as well as professional problems with our wide range of Spiritual solutions that work like a magic bullet and help invite positivity into your life.

More of our
Life Changing Services

Simplify your personal as well as professional problems with our wide range of spiritual solutions that work like a magic bullet and help invite positivity into your life.

Divination of FuturePalm Reading

Know what your future has in store for you through our accurate predictions and a careful study by our certified palmists.


Building Healthy RelationshipsLove & Relationship Problems

For all kinds of relationship problems, Dev Psychic Solutions has got you covered! Connect with us to revive your love life.


Resolving Family ProblemsProperty & Family Disputes

We offer practical and result-driven solutions so that you bid goodbye to family tensions or property disputes.


GETTING FITHealth Issues

Are you suffering from Illnesses that don’t seem to end are you longing for a child? We help you with all these issues.


A Proper ChoiceBad Luck Removal

Enjoy a fruitful, prosperous life by removing bad luck from the professional front, whether it’s your business or job.


A Proper ChoiceWitchcraft Removal

Free yourself from the shackles of witchcraft cast by jealous colleagues or relatives with our full-fledged witchcraft removal remedies.


A Proper ChoiceEvil Spirits Removal

Are you feeling something strange at your home or do you feel that your place is haunted by evil entities? So get rid of these unwanted elements from your place and live your life happily.


A Proper ChoicePsychic Reader Specialist

Learn more about life-changing solutions for your life’s every aspect with our professional psychic readings.


A Proper ChoiceAll kinds of Poojas

Want to organise Puja or Hawan at your home or office? Dev Spiritual Therapy organize all kinds of Pujas and Yajnas.


A Proper ChoiceCourt Case Problems

Stucked in some court case problem? Let us help you out. Dev Spiritual Therapy is experienced and helps solve all types of court cases easily with assured results.


A Proper ChoiceJealousy and Bad Omen

Remove bad omen from your personal and professional life with our guaranteed therapies.


A Proper ChoiceGet Your Ex-lover back

Do you feel shattered after a breakup? We will help you reunite with your ex-lover, be it ex-partner or ex-spouse.


A Proper ChoiceBlack Magic Removal

Remove black magic spells from your personal or professional life with our effective therapies.


A Proper ChoiceCleanse Voodoo

Remove and protect your life from bad curses and misfortune with our voodoo cleansing and shielding practices.

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    We help our clients create more love, happiness and success through marriage counseling and relationship coaching, life coaching, and individual therapy.

    Dev is by far the best astrologer and psychic I’ve ever been talk to. He is so nice and easy to talk to. He was on point with everything going in my life. 100% Recommended!



    Dev is a very accurate Psychic. If you need clarity on your current life situation or you want insight of your future, please see him. He truly cares about his clients and gives a very detailed reading. He will surely answer any question you have.



    I am so thankful to Dev Spiritual Therapy for what they have done for me. By guiding me through every process and helping me get my love back which I thought I would loose forever. I am now happy with lot of positive energy. He is the best recommend.



    Dev is a very good person. He has helped me in every way possible with all the things that is going on in my life. I very much appreciate all he has help me with. All good things are going well for me. Thanks Dev Spiritual Therapy!



    My experience was pretty great! It was my first time doing anything that involved psychics and I really recommend Dev Spiritual Therapy. They are super cool and you will get all your questions answered. I am surely going to contact Dev Spiritual Therapy again and will bring more people to them.



    I finally found astrologer in my area that was accurate and very honest. I’ve had some trouble in my life and I wanted to know why it was happening. I finally now know the truth. Dev knew things that I never told anyone about. Thank you for helping me.