Uncategorized 6 Steps to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

March 3, 20230

Negativity is never pleasant to be around. Beyond that, though, it may be highly harmful and toxic, encouraging a cynical, fatalistic, or even defeatist outlook.

You need to know how to defend yourself without becoming involved if someone at work, in a relationship, a friend, or a member of your family is sending you negative energy.

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These are six effective methods you can adopt to safeguard yourself against

Concentrate on the answers rather than the issues. Those that are pessimistic tend to focus more on problems than solutions. That typically sounds like a lot of whining, picking at things, and discontent. Think positively by concentrating on developing workable answers. If you encounter resistance, consider your strengths for future development or straightforward actions to launch the momentum.

Don’t encourage drama. Dramatic people need it as much as they need air to feel positive. Be optimistic and upbeat and decline the bait, no matter how alluring, to take their breath away. Strive to maintain order, peace, flexibility, and even keel. You leave them with nothing to work with when you do this.

Keep an eye on your limits. You’re better off without some individuals in your life, which is a sad fact of life. But, if you are surrounded by negative energy, one of the most harmful and contagious forces on earth, you will be unable to achieve your goals in life. Establish and uphold your limits with anyone who attempts to undermine you, even members of your family or those who consider themselves to be your friends.

Give up trying to make everyone and everything right. You are not assisting others; rather, you are enabling them if you find yourself doing for them what they might and ought to be doing for themselves. When we carry people who can walk on their own or attempt to heal people who weren’t broken to begin with, we may unwittingly create negative energy. Learn when to avoid situations.

Don’t just react; respond. A reaction is an uncontrollable reflex that arises from survival-based fear impulses, whereas a response is a choice that results from mental clarity and emotional fortitude and produces the intended consequence. Avoid impulsive behaviours and develop the ability to react calmly to negative energy.

Ensure your own wellbeing. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others? Self-care, self-love, and prioritising your happiness are not selfish or vain things to do. When you are exposed to bad energy, learning and practising self-care will keep you centred and resilient.

Negative energy may be really harmful, so understand how to protect yourself and be wise about it.

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