LoveMarriagePsychic 30 Questions That Will Make You Fall in Love Again

May 17, 20230

Love. Isn’t that the nicest thing that ever happened to you?

Couples of different stages have visited Dev Spiritual Therapy for readings. Seeing couples develop in their shared love and religion is incredibly satisfying. We truly adore hearing proposal stories, but we also enjoy hearing how couples display their affection for and commitment to one another constantly.

We want to inspire all of our couples to continue developing as a couple this month. So, we’ve created a list of inquiries that you and your spouse can make. Feel free to answer one question each day. Spend quality time each day asking one small inquiry. This will help you get to know each other better and demonstrate your affection.

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30 questions that will rekindle your love for someone

  1. What is your favourite memory from our dating days?
  2. Which verse from the Bible best captures your definition of love?
  3. When are you at your happiest?
  4. What aspect of growing older scares you the most?
  5. When do you think I’m most alluring?
  6. Which act of kindness have you ever performed for a total stranger?
  7. What early experience most influenced your understanding of love?
  8. At what location did you decide you wanted to marry me?
  9. Who would you choose to re-connect with in heaven if you could?
  10. Which love lesson have you found to be the toughest to learn?
  11. What do you hope people will remember you for?
  12. How would you sum up who I am to a total stranger?
  13. Which element of marriage do you find the most appealing?
  14. What, in your opinion, is the real meaning of your existence?
  15. In two phrases, sum up our relationship.
  16. Who is your greatest inspiration in life?
  17. Name one attribute you wish you possessed.
  18. Which of your past deeds do you consider to be the most courageous?
  19. Which animal best encapsulates who you are?
  20. What would make your life better if you had more of it?
  21. When was the last time you cried?
  22. What makes you feel most exposed?
  23. What love-related lessons did your parents teach you?
  24. Who is the person who knows you the best (other than me)?
  25. What are you most concerned about?
  26. What is your favourite memory of our wedding?
  27. What is your favourite aspect of your day?
  28. What do you think we’ll be like in five years?
  29. What can I do to better support you each day?
  30. What was the most unexpected aspect of your life?

Take the 30 Day Challenge to fall in Love All over again, we genuinely hope you will! We are aware of how erratic our days can be. We are also aware of the delight that can be found in that daily affection.

How have you and your husband maintained a priority for your marriage and relationship after the wedding confetti has settled?

Please share how you and your partner express your deep love in the comments section below.

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